There are a number of apartments available in City Centre and nearby area which is convenient for new people coming to Belfast. A deposit (usually one month rent) is asked to pay once confirmed by landlord. Property agent also ask for some documents such as bank statement, letter from employer etc. You also need to provide someone as a guarantor. 

There are mainly two property search sites in Belfast for rental accommodation. and

Some popular apartments in City centre where Indian professionals staying are:
  • Queens Square
  • Victoria Palace
  • College Central
  • College Court Central
  • QuayGate apartments
  • Obel Tower
  • Arc Apartment
  • Bass Building
  • Margarita Plaza etc
You can also find some shared accommodation. 

There are local whatsapp and telegram group also where you can find shared or whole rental property. Contact me to join these groups.

Short term rentals are also available through AirBnB.


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