Health Care (GP, Hospitals)

To find GP in your local area, simply type in your town or postcode.

To register with a practice

Once you have found your nearest GP practice, you can call the practice directly to establish if they accept new patients.

If you live over a certain distance away from a practice, or if it has closed its patient list, the practice may refuse your application. If this happens, you should contact the Business Services Organisation and ask them to put your name on a doctor's list in your area.

Waiting for GP and there is urgent to see a Doctor?

In case of you are not yet registered with GP and need an urgent or emergency medical assistance you can visit to nearest A&E Hospital and they will help you.

Out of hours service

If you urgently need to see a doctor outside of your registered GP Practice opening hours, you can use out of hours services. Below is the link of the details of the services you can use and information about out of hours services.

Dentist and dental care

Dental care is not always free and you will expect to pay for any treatment you have with your chosen dentist. Some dental practice accepts NHS registration and you may have to pay some amount.

However, NHS can help you with the cost of your dental care. This link provide information on dental care with NHS.

Alternatively, you can choose to use private dentist with dental insurance.

Opticians- eye test/ Glasses

Below is a link on information when you visit an optician

There are independent retails that provide Optician services. Boots and Specsavers are usually the most popular Optician retail here in Northern Ireland. Links below:


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